Pvd Chrome Finish

PVD Chrome…finally a finish that’s made to last!

The American Racing and ATX Series wheels are coated with unique PVD chrome, making the wheels corrosion resistant.

Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) is a process that combines a powder coating followed by a vacuum system, as a more durable replacement than conventional chrome. It provides a much more uniform deposit with improved adhesion (up to six times greater than conventional acid bath chrome in some cases), and a wider choice of materials can be coated. PVD is even Environmentally Green, with no harmful chemicals to dispose of. This unqiue chrome coating will never pit or peel.

The process was originally developed for the space program and is currently used in a variety of commercial applications.

Some further benefits of PVD chrome wheels include:

PVD is non-porous. It prevents pitting caused by brake dust protruding through pores like on conventional chrome and will not corrode the wheel.

PVD is a hard, dense coating, unlike conventional chrome where micro-cracking can occur.

Uniform Thickness
PVD allows the coating to follow the contour of the surface to form an outstanding bond to the base material that will not blister, flake or chip.

PVD can withstand higher temperatures than conventional chrome to resist blistering.

Bright and Smooth
PVD provides a more uniform deposit with an improved adhesion (up to 6 times greater) for a true bright or “White” chrome finish. With the layer system this also provides a “Ceramic” like finish.

Easy Cleaning
No special care is required to clean PVD coated wheels. Make sure the wheels are cold, and use mild soapy water with a sponge.