Teflon Finish

Teflon…it’s not just useful on cookware!

The new ATX Series of wheels are really something special.

Stylish designs have been coupled with the breakthrough technology of Teflon coating, to create a winning combo.

Teflon, the same Trademarked name which has become one of the most familiar household names in America and the world, can be used anywhere when a heavy duty, damage-resistant, non-stick finish is

The new ATX Series of wheels utilises these properties for a superior quality finish that will last. Some of the benefits include:

Less Friction
Teflon has a lower friction of any known solid material, and is considered the most slippery material in existence.

Wheels permanently coated with Teflon help resist ultraviolet light to prevent discolouration on the surface.

Low Surface Resistance
The non-stick finish will reduce the build up of road film, grime and brake dust.

Teflon coated wheels resist temperature build up and are also moisture resistant under extreme weather conditions.

Teflon coated wheels are resistant to corrosion. Along with the non-stick surface to reduce brake dust build up, Teflon also prevents mud and road film sticking to the surface.

No special care is needed for your Teflon wheels. Just mild soapy water and a sponge.